Did Your Vet Show You a List of The Best Dog Food Brands?

Published: 08th July 2009
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Just because a brand of dog food is well-known does that make it the best dog food to feed your pet? The most popular and well-known brands are not necessarily the most nutritious.

Sadly the best dog food for your dog is probably not even being sold in your Vets office. Often, Vets recommend Science Diet for your dog, yet that wouldn't make my list of the top 10 best dog foods available.

After my Beagle started having Seizures, I have spent many hours researching how to pick the best dog food. I was forced to become an expert on reading dog food labels, to try and figure out what those listed ingredients really are. I sometimes think I know more about what is in my dog's food than I do my own.

As I carried out more studies of dog food, the unethical scenario of commercial dog food became clearer to me, which was main problem.

It became apparent that in order for me to be sure I was feeding the best dog food, I would need to understand a whole lot more about how the pet food industry worked.

One can find many articles written by me, which state my conclusions showing the manner in which Industry is using weakness in laws and how they are actually having no outside control and are allowed to cheat pet owners with well masked wordings on labels and packaging.

There is no law to assist us for selecting most suitable dog food apart from the law that makes it compulsory to mention the contents on label in descending order of weight of ingredients. At the very least you can look at the first ingredient listed on the label, and if it says corn then you know that the Beef dinner name on the bag, probably should be changed to corn dinner.

You shouldn't pay as much attention to the brand as you should to the ingredient list. After you make it through the first couple of ingredients that you think you understand what they are, that is where the fun begins.

Ingredients like dried egg product is completely different than whole eggs, or just eggs. The only thing healthy in dried egg products is the word egg, and the last I checked you can't eat a word. Why do you want to feed your dog food with ingredients that need to be marked not fit for human consumption before sold? When something contains chicken by-products is is not of the standard you would serve on your dinner table.

These ingredients are just the ones that you can kind of figure out what they might be, but how about the preservatives and vitamins listed that you probably won't have a clue what they are?

The main reason for me being pleased that at initial stage of my study; I could get a rigid guide telling what one must check on labels of packed dog foods and I have been following the same to choose best food for my pet dog.

This has helped my weed through over 150 brands of dog food, and only 10 were good enough to make my top 10 best dog food list. You want your dog to eat healthy and when you look at the ingredients on these 10 dog foods and then do a check against what is available at your vet's, you will see the need to take a personally proactive approach.

Leslie has devoted a substantial part of her life researching commercial dog food looking for the best dog food for her dogs. her top 10 list points out how to select the best dog food brands.

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